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In late 2023, Box of Toys Audio were invited to create the sound for a 4D animated film of epic proportions. The film was the centrepiece in Tripadvisor’s Immersive Abu Dhabi Experience hosted at Outernet London and powered by user-generated content, reviews and experiences. Outernet London is an immersive entertainment district, with 4D technology and 360-degree, 8K floor-to-ceiling screens. This exclusive experience was held in the heart of London, located next to Tottenham Court Road station, on 8th and 9th November.

Our role in the team was to aid the immersive journey through some of Abu Dhabi’s most exciting locations and experiences, from the Bait al Gahwa coffee ritual to the Yas Marina racing circuit. The stunning imagery was flowing and abstract which allowed us to take a dreamlike approach to the sound, weaving in and out of each moment and imbuing a sense of memories yet to be made. Key sounds from each location and experience were used to illustrate a beautiful culture waiting to be discovered.


We took advantage of Outernet’s surround sound capabilities to ensure a fully immersive experience. Both music and sound design were mixed in surround, enveloping the viewer and allowing sounds to ebb and flow all around. To ensure the best auditory experience, our team attended several demo sessions at Outernet throughout the development stages. Reviewing the mix on location gave us invaluable insight into a real-world application of our sound alongside the towering screens and space.


The 5 minute long film featured a bespoke music composition throughout. We wanted the music to be alluring and hypnotic, a captivating oasis of wonder amidst the din of busy central London. Largely ambient in nature, we used modern synth textures alongside traditional Arabic instrumentation to create an atmosphere true to the nature of the destination. The music swirls around the space and builds in intensity as the viewer is treated to a climactic grand exposition.

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