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Sonic Branding

Microphone Close-Up

In a world saturated by visual content, a sonic mnemonic cuts through the noise and establishes its place in the busy world of multi-media. Much like Intel’s famous sonic mnemonic, the audio becomes synonymous with the brand and reinforces identity and association. Whether you experience it via an advert or an app, your mnemonic should be versatile enough to stand out in any crowd and sound good while it’s doing it.

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What does your sonic mnemonic say about your brand? Will you opt for a palette of rounded, organic sounds to reflect the friendly, human and accessible nature of your platform or are you on the cutting edge of technology, expressing your personality with layers of precise, cinematic audio?


At Box of Toys Audio we work closely with clients to find their voice via an intensive development process. Not only do we create a sonic mnemonic for traditional linear media but we consider how it can be deployed across a brands entire portfolio - perhaps the mnemonic will inform a bespoke library of user interface sound effects? Whether it’s music or sound effect driven, we believe a well designed sonic mnemonic is crucial in establishing a distinct presence in todays market.

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