Project: Sky 1 Channel Rebrand 2016
Client: bSkyb
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

Sky has rolled out its biggest ever integrated rebrand across its entertainment portfolio, including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, and Sky Arts. The new branding will be reflected seamlessly across all platforms and formats, aligning the channel’s brand identity, promos and OSP (on screen presence). Box of Toys Audio won a competitive pitch to create the audio suite for the entire rebrand.

Sky 1’s personality is brilliantly brought to life through a hero character who ‘releases oneness’, clearly reflecting the channel’s values in a visual and engaging way. Our challenge was to sonically capture the character of the ‘one’ in a way that reflects it’s energy and optimism without becoming too childish. As Sky’s flagship channel the music for Sky 1 was crafted to convey quality whilst remaining true to it’s family entertainment focus. A subtle mnemonic was composed and integrated across all the Sky entertainment channel music as a way of aligning the brand identity.

Agency: Sky Creative
Director of Brand & Creative: Liz Darran
Executive Creative Director: Simon Buglione
Creative Director – Design: Ceri Sampson
Design Director: Alex Haley
Design Manager: Toasty Kunheim
Rebrand Controller: Lydia Goomansingh
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director: Polynoid
Creative Director: Fabian Pit Pross
Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Producers – Passion: Dom Thompson Talbot, Matt Saxton
Producers – Woodblock: Selina Schmitt, Lars Wagner
CG Artists: Fabian Pross, Marco Kowalik, Jan Bitzer, Mars Dolschon, Onnie Pohl, Roman Hinkel
Compositing: Thorsten Loeffler, Csaba Letay, Paul Schicketanz
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio