Project: La Sangre De Porsche
Client: / Mobil1 & Porsche
Music and Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio

In this co-branded live action, VFX and animation short, Mobil1 Motor Oil awakens the raw power of Porsche in the form of a mechanised bull. The campaign was brought together by Danish super group Frame and Ghost VFX.

With eye candy a plenty, we were spoilt for choice when it came to the sound design. The film opens with a moody product shot that quickly moves up through the gears as the structure of the bull is formed. The sound looks to capture the right balance of heavy mechanics and hi-tech mechanisms to reflect the elements of power and finesse embodied by the Mobil1 and Porsche brands. A hard-hitting combination of orchestral and electronic music builds from the introduction of the bull through to the resolve. Key moments are synced to a pounding rhythm, elevating the drama up until the tag line reveal.