Project: Fox Sports 1 Idents
Client: Neon / Fox
Music and Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio<

We were invited to create the audio for three idents that launch with Fox's new 24hr sports channel, Fox Sports 1. Each identity was was based upon a key word included in Fox's brief; Hi-Tech, Colourful and Electric.

The 'Colourful' ident consists of a music composition very much influenced by the likes of Tarantino and Spaghetti Westerns. Not only were our choices of instrument important but the treatment of which added that element of vintage production.

he 'Electric' ident was very effectively filmed using a Scaelectric track. The resulting edit is influenced by high pace Hollywood action and so we wanted the audio to reflect that. We looked to stock car racing for the engine style and quickly change proximity and angle throughout the sound design to assist in the dynamism of the piece. A Drive-esque electronic track sets the scene perfectly and builds over the course of the ident to impress the resolve.

The 'Hi-Tech' ident audio is sound design led and looks to avoid the archetypal servo noises so often over-used. Instead we focused on a high tech pneumatic feel to the arm. In addition we wanted to instil character to the computer, as if it is coming to life as it is built. A sense of space is provided by a subtle ambient electronic track that plays throughout and appears to echo off the laboratory walls.