Project: EVE:Valkyrie Warzone Launch Trailer
Client: CCP / Playstation
Music & Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio



Following the successful roll out of the EVE: Valkyrie Warzone announcement trailer, CCP games got in touch and asked us to craft the sound design for the CG launch trailer.


A relatively calm opening is thrust ino all out spacefighter battle. Utilising a more full and open edit of the music than in the announcement trailer, the sound design had to match energy levels and cut through the dense frequencies of the track. Our primary challenge was to keep the sounds diverse and interesting, maintaining the energy throughout without it ever becoming tiring or repetitive. EVE: Valkyrie is a game at the front of VR technology and so the audio design had to sound the part by being both cinematic and cutting edge, endeavouring to illustrate every laser, fly by and explosion.