Project: Sky Arts Channel Rebrand 2016
Client: bSkyb
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

Sky has rolled out its biggest ever integrated rebrand across its entertainment portfolio, including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, and Sky Arts. The new branding will be reflected seamlessly across all platforms and formats, aligning the channel’s brand identity, promos and OSP (on screen presence). Box Of Toys Audio won a competitive pitch to create the audio suite for the entire rebrand.

Sky Arts is shown as ‘the catalyst for creativity’, with the channel beautifully transforming every day scenes through its creative perspective. For Arts we created an organic soundscape that builds and expands as each story unfolds. Subtle abstract sound design captures the creative nature of Arts and gives weight and movement to the hyper-real visual elements. A subtle mnemonic was composed and integrated across all the Sky entertainment channel music as a way of aligning the brand identity.

Agency: Sky Creative
Director Creative and Brand: Liz Darran
Executive Creative Director: Simon Buglione
Creative Director Design: Ceri Sampson
Design Director: Alex Hayley
Designer: Hywel Williams
Director: Adam Wells at gotgotneed
Producer: Sue Dhaliwal
Rebrand Controller: Lydia Goomansingh
Design Manager: Toasty Kunheim
Shoot Producer: Rupert Style
VFX Producer: Amy Richardson
3D Lead: Greg McKneally
2D Lead – Marcus Dryden
Colorist: Richard Fearon
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio