Project: Kia - Revolution of Mobility
Client: Giantstep / Screen X / Kia
Music and Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio Dolby
5.1 Mix: Factory Studios

Our latest collaboration with the super-talented Giantstep and agency Screen X takes us on a journey through the evolution of mobility for Kia Motors. This short brand film was created for a world exclusive multi-screen cinema event in Seoul in which you literally take the drivers seat and are immersed in the action. A special edit of the film was also featured at the Seoul Motor Show 2013 - find out more about the screening here ScreenX expands the screen by optimizing multi-projection mapping inside the movie theater. This enables everything to become a screen, including both of the side walls. The audience doesn’t just watch the movie, but becomes a part of the movie itself.

APPROACH / As a cinema bound piece we had the opportunity to create the entire soundtrack in 5.1 Dolby surround. A stereo mix was also created for versatility across the internet and other mediums.

The narrative of the film follows the development of human travel from our primordial beginnings in the sea to the wonder of space exploration. The music needed to flow and evolve in line with the story, providing a sense of awe and excitement as we journey towards a climactic finale on the moon. The composition is primarily orchestral and builds in complexity as the methods of mobility advance. We used an alluring piano and vocal motif throughout to bind the piece together and allow moments of respite, giving room for crescendos and key hit points.

The sound design took advantage of the multi-channel surround format to move and place the viewer within each scene via extreme panning and heavy use of the rear speakers, so the audience really felt like they were in the cockpit of a jet or an astronaut in space. In anticipation of the building grandeur of the music, we looked to put emphasis on the sound design in the opening scenes of the film in terms of setting an atmosphere and establishing a tone. We wanted this introductory mood to imbue a sense of fascination and gradually develop into all out excitement as the Kia spaceship arrives.