OWear The Rose is a fully immersive 360-degree virtual reality sports experience using the revolutionary Oculus Rift technology. Produced by Unit 9 and partnering with O2 and the England Six Nations rugby team, Wear the Rose places the user at the centre of the national rugby team’s training session, allowing them to turn their head in any direction, with the content responding and moving in unison. Narration was provided by none other than Sean Bean!

Our role was to create the sonic environment for the experience. Unfortunately the scope of the project did not encompass 3D audio and so we looked to take advantage of stereo audio delivered via headphones. Our starting point was the wild-track and after smoothing out the location audio it was apparent that the training session was running at 20%, or in other words there was a distinct lack of energy and impact in the experience due to limitations during filming. We wanted to the user to feel the exertion and physicality of the sport, the gravity of the tackles, the proximity of the scrum. As such we added weight and purpose with breathing, footsteps, coercion, cinematic impacts, grunts etc. We further took advantage of the POV perspective by enhancing how elements of this experience might be perceived internally, such as anticipation of meeting the team or the brief moment of confusion following a hard tackle. This presented a structure of what could be heard ‘in-ear’ and what could be heard in the surrounding environment. For example HUD elements were considered to be only perceived by the user and therefore considered an ‘in-ear’ asset. In order to further the immersion and sense of realism we recorded and implemented 3D binaural ambiences and foley by using our Soundman OKM ii Studio binaural microphones in a sparse city park.


Visitors to the Nissan Europe stand at the Paris Motor Show 2014 were offered a chance to become a rollerblading android by playing “Chase The Thrill”, a new VR experience powered by Oculus Rift. The experience is a collaboration between London-based production company Unit 9 and D2NA/DigitasLBi France and sees guests taking control of a rollerblading robot via the new Oculus Rift headset and an omnidirectional WizDish treadmill.

The production of audio for this project was approached with game development in mind. With the inclusion of 3D audio and interactive user elements, it was necessary to implement the audio in accordance to events as they are experienced as opposed to a set linear sequence. As such the audio was provided as numerous individual sound files to be triggered during the experience by a corresponding event e.g. a footstep, a jump, a passing neon light, a looping background ambience etc. As with most game development this approach required a mindset geared towards how sounds triggered simultaneously combine and any frequencies that might clash. As audio was created in tandem with software and visual development, we used video captures of the latest project progress to design, test and sync audio as appropriate and then provide direction on the implementation and mix. From a more conceptual angle the sounds for robot movement were designed as if it were constructed from the same materials as the Juke itself, yet still possess a sense of android intelligence. The most challenging aspect in this regard was designing the roll of the roller blades in that it needed to cut through the mix to indicate the mode of travel. Check out the experience in situ HERE