Interactive installations push us beyond traditional linear media and invite a different way of thinking when it comes to sound. From the push of a button to a fully immersive soundscape, sound helps to engage the user and provides a richer and more rewarding experience. Check out our approach on two recent interactive projects using the legendary Oculus Rift.


In our first collaboration with London based creative agency Design Studio, we were invited to create the audio for a series of short films for Head’s latest skiing line. Each film captures a different aspect of the skiing experience from competitive to casual and features various members of Head’s own skiing team. Our involvement began from the project outset and we found ourselves travelling to meet the production crew on location in the snowy skiing town of Åre, Sweden.


World renowned textile and fashion brand The Woolmark Company commission a seamless integration of 3D and live action to provide a compelling insight into the wool production process. Directed and produced by London boutique creative agency Neon, the short film takes us from farm to fashion and back again as we follow a lone wool staple on it’s perilous quest to rejoin it’s family. The wool staple encounters all manner of obstacles and in doing so reflects the staged industrial processes involved in modern wool production.


On Friday 24th October 2014 the Science Museum opened their biggest and most ambitious gallery to date; Information Age: Six Networks That Changed Our World. The exhibit explores more than 200 years of innovation in communication and information technologies from the worldwide telegraph network to mobile phone and internet communication.